Family Night
~Third Friday of EVERY month!~
~Karaoke/Dance Party!~
~Recieve 10% off your purchase!~
~Earn 2 points for every purchase!~
September 15 @ 4pm, 2023

Ladies Night
~First Friday of EVERY month!~
~Different theme each month!~
~Recieve 10% off your purchase!~ 
~Earn 2 points for every purchase!~ 
September 1 @ 4pm, 2023


Parties, Groups, and Gatherings

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As always, refreshments are allowed. BYOB! It wouldn’t be a party without them! 

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Reservations are required for groups larger than 6.


A non-refundable reservation fee is required based on your needs.  


(You may reschedule with 24 hour notice) 


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Fundraising is available, call to schedule a consult.